About My Real Estate 101 Blog



Hi, welcome to my blog.  This is my first Real Estate blog for those looking to enter into the market as a renter or owner – residential or commercially.

As a serial business owner and property owner during the late nineties and 00’s I have witness so many different things in both good and bad markets.

I’ve owned and rented residential real estate in my time – likewise I have owned and rented residential income real estate and commercial real estate too. There is definitely never a one size fits all with real estate. Your FICO (check yours for free here), access to credit, available cash, tax positions (speak to an accountant), family needs,business requirements and forecasts for all the above all come into play.

This blog is to share, at a very basic level – my thoughts to help you and give you a base from which to assess where you are going and some issues to consider.

I rented for only a year at the age of 20, before buying my first home. Borrowing the money from family for the down-payment. Since then I owned real estate until 2008 when I cashed in in July, just before the markets crashed! Good timing huh ?

I am now back in real estate of course – just rode the storm as the market collapsed. In fact, I didn’t just sell my real estate, I sold my business interests too. The bouncy castle (called little jumpers) business didn’t even have a website but was a reasonable cash-machine until my insurance began to rise beyond what I considered to be reasonable.

I’ll almost certainly be following this blog with a more detailed series of blogs about each of the aspects of real-estate listed in Occupytricities.org. It might be a while before I have the time to write my next one, but please check back as I will post the link as soon here as soon as it’s done!

You can email me personally at: realestateguru@occupytricities.org  if you have any questions. Please don’t expect an answer right away. I get lots of emails daily so it takes me time to get through them all.

Remember, with real estate the mantra is “Buyer Beware” – so make sure you do your research well. Don’t let your heart rule your head.